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In one part of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the author writes that we should celebrate any amount of money that comes our way — even the smallest amount — and get super excited for the realization that the money we choose to create is already coming our way. To be thankful and grateful. So I was walking the other day and saw a nickel on the ground, scooped it up and celebrated.

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Marie you are always spot on! A penny on the ground makes me smile! I think about the excitement that someone, hopefully a child, will have when they find it. So I leave it. In my mind it is a way to bring joy to someone who might need a small lift. And I got my lift by just imagining the future scene. I do tip 1 and love it!! Tip 2…I do that too…I say look after your money and your money will look after you — great minds! Ah — this post has come at such good timing for me! But one of the things that has been difficult for me but is also the most impactful has been to keep a spreadsheet of my spending habits.

It was just far too painful to look at. Hi Marie. Loved your Marie TV episode on the topic of Money!

You mentioned that you picked up a penny and that compelled me to share a story about a nickel that I picked up off of th street that changed everything for me. The Magic of a Nickel When my professional development company was about two years old, we hit a short period of time where money got tight. I had a son in his twenties, a son in college, and two more kids at home.

My wife was home with our two younger ones, so our income and lifestyle were completely generated from the business. While it is true that my business was growing, we still found ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation financially. At the time, I officed from home. My office window faced the street, and one day as I was finishing up a proposal that I wanted to get out right away, I saw our mail carrier arrive. So, I completed the final touches and headed out to drop off my package. As I turned around to go back home, I noticed a nickel lying on the street. In that moment, I remembered my dad and his philosophy about whether or not to pick up coins on the street.

I returned to my office and, almost without being fully conscious about what I was doing or why, I taped that nickel up on a big whiteboard that I had on the wall. That is way more exciting. Call it magic, call it luck, call it blessings, call it hard work paying off… what is important is that you are open more and more to having support coming to you from the outside in. Wishing you a magical life! What an incredible story! Keep up the awesome work! Amazing vid, thanks for the easy and effective tips.

Thank you!! I too love the ritual of keeping all of my bills in order and facing the same way. A lovely new ritual that I have put into practice is, when I feel my mind start to slip into fear, or a sense of lack, that means my flow is blocked. A few months ago I was driving home, and it was Austin, TX I was stopped at a light and I saw a homeless man out there in the heat, with braces on his legs.

I reached into my wallet, and rolled my window down to give him some money. He came over and graciously accepted, and then, in my mirror, I saw the most beautiful thing. A chain behind me of car windows began to roll down. I started to cry. It was in that moment I put my new ritual into practice. This is such a wonderful story because it goes to show that one person embracing abundance can inspire others to embrace abundance and in doing so we can make the world a better place. I absolutely LOVE and agree with both of these! My teenage daughter used to laugh at me for picking up spare change on the street — but now she does it, too!

Great episode, as always. A little gift of love to my fellow humans. My aunt taught me this and it works like a charm. Seems that every time I shake my wallet under a train when its passing over, we come into unexpected money shortly after. If anything, it adds fun and excitement for the two of us and anyone else in the car at the time.

How fun! I flew to London on my own to experience the Royal Wedding , and I wrote a travel book about London that I published that some people have actually bought and even reviewed — 5 stars! So, it turns out that the more I give, the more I receive. I recommend it to all! Thanks so much for this episode Marie! It made me think about what money rituals I keep. I also pick up loose change on the ground and now my daughter who is four copies me. Whenever we find loose change, she gets to put it in her piggy bank. My new money ritual is to keep money in all of my online accounts, so that I feel abundant in all areas of my life business and personal, etc.

In the past I had the habit of getting my paycheck, and immediately paying all of my bills and putting the rest in savings, and in turn draining all of my other accounts except one…my savings account. Recently, I switched this habit to dispersing my money throughout my accounts. I still put most of my paycheck in savings, but now I leave a little in my checking accounts so that it seems like I am abundant all around.

It feels more fulfilling this way and I tend not to spend as much. Not sure why, but it is working for me. Another ritual that I keep, is I set an income goal for myself and I write myself a check and post it on my wall with the date that I want to make it by. This way I have a visual representation of my monetary goal and I can check in with myself to see where I am with that goal. I laughed as I watched your show today because I do the exact same things!

I also keep money in the pockets of my jackets so I am never without money — even if it is only a few coins. Portioning towards savings first, giveaway second and for my own spending, third anytime any money comes my way — not just paycheck even the gift money. This helped me totally eliminate guilt around money and now do it effortlessly. It has definitely improved my ability to spend consciously. Respect I left my job this year to do my own thing and so of course, things are a little tight. Now, we are building an emergency fund, without really thinking about it.

I will be looking at pennies WAY different now…thank you. What a smart idea! I love the idea of a stash cash pile. I have those exact two rituals. I thought long and hard about it and have decided to put it in my change jar. Every few days I take the change out of my purse and separate out the quarters they go to do laundry. When the jar gets full I deposit it into my bank account. When the time came for me to go to Grad School I had a few hundred dollars to buy accessories for my apartment in my new city.

I am also a firm believer in segregating my dollars. I always say a blessing of thanks or Aloha when paying bills! Because I am thankful that I have the money to afford what I need and I send a blessing to the people receiving my money — that it may enrich their life with blessings! Hey Marie, I loved this video post today. Oh definitely! I stopped to pick up a 10 cent coin euro yesterday! It was shiny too! And yes, my money is organized just like yours in my wallet too, not silly at all… Otherwise, how else do you know whatcha got? Have a great Tuesday, Jessica.

Have been a law of attraction gal for yrs I have been doing this for a long time now, but have been slacking on the right and tight idea! Thanks for the nudge! Hi Marie, great episode. The note is of course in my wallet — and ever since, I actually always have money in my wallet!!

Second, my tidyness around money is not a daily routine, but every time that I do clean-up my draw that keeps all my bills, I always find money in it. Or if I clean-up my wallet or my puse, I also find money in them. So there is something to be said about keeping it clean. I am going to do more of that cleaning myself from now on.

The sexy man on the coin, who thinks a woman is trying to pick him up makes me think that money is also having to do with the sexual energy that I send out to people when I do business with them. This was great. I never thought about picking up pennies with that mindset. Love it. Recently, I had a HUGE breakthrough regarding my core beliefs about money and savings, and something has really shifted in me around that. I renamed my bank accounts from the generic savings and chequing names to names that are more abundant, fun, and meaningful names to me.

Not only does it allow me feel great every time I look at my bank accounts on line, when I interact with the tellers in person we tend to have a good laugh about it. Thanks and keep up the great work Marie. What a fun idea! I need help in Healing sexual abuse. I kinow that it is what is stopping me relate sexually with others when I make a Financial transaction with them. That made me uncomfortable in my own life, where I always feel that I am taking advantage of someone else, or they are taking advantage of me, but it si never safe either way to exchange money.

Heck yeah, pick up that penny! Every time I see one of those fun donation funnels where you can watch the coin spiral down into it, I take change out of my purse to put in. After I drop in a coin or two, because those things are FUN, I put several more coins on the edge, next to the drop area. Not only do I get a warm fuzzy from donating and some amusement from watching the coins, I feel good about my money situation because I was able to leave some behind. I had enough change that I was able to leave some, and I still have enough when I walk away. I never refuse money twice… When someone hands me money, I have to take it and respect the generosity of universe.

For example;if I help a friend move and he offers to pay me , Ill say no the first time and grab the cash if he insist….. Ill buy the beers after but I never refuse cold cash twice. Sometimes she gives me money out of the blue and even thought I know am financially solid…. Ill grab that cash! Mothers around the world….. So I became homeless and penniless, all at once! In this days I learned not to be ashamed because I was poor. Another time, when I already had some money, but still poor, I remember me going to supermarket with some really small change to buy some bread and so… I was not ashamed of that.

And… on my way home, with bread and no money at all, I found on the street a Guldens before Euro bill! Sending lots of love and abundant wishes your way. My only explanation is that you get what you put out there in the universe and you have to stay positive. When I find a coin on the street, I put it in my left shoe under my foot.

Dollar bills are like Kleenex! A Coincidence? I try to keep things moving and move off to the side to re-organize my money and treat it with respect. Someone once told me that if you treat your money with respect, the universe will send you more. I will not buy a wallet if my money can not lie straight. I also like luxury colored wallets, they remind me on abundance and the color as oppose to black, grey, brown makes me happy.

Wow, I also pick up pennies! I also have my bills facing the same way in my wallet, flat and in ascending order. My favorite place is Coinstar! I love that virtuous feeling of taking all the coins around the house and turning them into a bag or two of groceries. So cool. Getting excited just thinking about it. I call it our Fun Fund — we can use it to do whatever fun things we want. Yes, love it! Money, a powerful resource indeed. So anything I buy, I have to love it! Very cool. One of my favorite tips I do: When I see a penny or more on the street.

I am a Money Magnet! They are neatly placed in my wallet as well. When I am saving up money for bills at home bills are treated the same but folded in half, rubber banded, post it note added with amount and hidden in a safe place. Props to them and blessings to you for participating. I keep it in a leather sleeve with my credit cards. Another weird thing I like to do is keep a sleeve from cash at the bank in my wallet.

Hi Marie! Same reason. How much money would a rich person have in her wallet?? Thanks for sharing your money story Marie Forleo. It reminded me of my childhood, and how often my mom would find money on the ground my dad pretty much never. Money habits include: 1 Crafting and repeating my money mantra weekly if not daily.

This is a powerful activity that feels less limiting and helps me make choices. Ideally my week should reflect my over all money and wellness goals.. Despite these lessons, there was also a feeling of needing to save as there may not be enough in the future more strongly felt from my father … you know, that feeling when the boogie man might always be around the corner.

Living with this dichotomy I think has left me balanced, though I have to be mindful which side is in play, for how long and why. The dichotomy has also helped me manifest some of my life dreams. Super powerful share. I really connect with your last paragraph about living with the dichotomy. Glad that my lived experience has something to contribute to your own process Eve.

Processes …. Hi Marie, Thanks so much for the reframe of picking up a penny on the street. I love that this is saying YES to honest money, not a lack mindset. Even though I have always felt weird for doing it, I always did it. Now I can do it shame-free! Ha ha. I also keep my money flat, facing the same way and in denominational order. I know exactly what I have and I can quickly find the right amount when i need to which matters when you have kids and you are trying to pay for things before they break everything in the shop.

In Australia we have one and two dollar coins which are gold while everything lower is silver. So I also keep my gold and silver coins separated in my coin section. Love this episode because I am always picking up change and celebrating the find. My family members make jokes about how I am always finding money. In fact after watching your episode I took a walk and viola there was a penny just waiting for me. Whoop Whoop! This video was refreshing and I am just like you!! I always find money in the street and pick it up.

Love your energy!! Funny, upbeat, positive, brilliant and beautiful. I love that you give the change away to the next person you see. If you find money, you should keep it. If the next person was meant to have the money, they would have found it instead of you. You deserve it. Keep it. I do too pick up a penny with gratitude and thanking the Universe for increasing my wealth!! My mum taught me that when I was tiny, of course a penny was worth a lot more then.

I always pick it up for good luck. And so are these people and their comments. Amazing stuff is being shared, I love it! That sounds super helpful! Parting with money can be a source of stress for some people, so speaking positive affirmations aloud is a really great way to combat those negative associations when it comes to paying for something. My father taught me not to throw it away. If I encoutner it on the street I also find it a more suitable resting place.

Thank you so much for sharing. Amen sister! I think a similar strategy could be used here with how we think about money! Like you said, we should be thankful for what money we do have, and make it a positive relationship, not a negative one. Dear Marie, loved the segment on money! I have been finding and picking up money for years! Some call them Angel Droppings to let you know that abundance will happen if you keep an open mind. Today was 11 cents. That goes into an abundance and travel fund! It adds up surprisingly fast! Marie, I love how you honouring Money by always picking it up on the floor!

Thanks for sharing your person stories with us too! The essence of Money is love and provision, and I have a few rituals to connect directly with the essence of Money instead of those negative patterns and stories that have been imposed on us: 1 I sleep with Money at the night. Why not? In their fulfilment, I bring a message of light to everyone that I encounter. Money is here to support me living my purpose at each step.

This are fantastic mantras, Yiye! Thank you so much for sharing the story about your money rituals. I also cherish my ritual of gratefulness and looking in the eyes of the person I am exchanging money with — giving or receiving. Whenever I give or receive physical money I try to have an eye contact, and express my gratefulness with my look.

Once again, million thanks Marie to you and your wonder team for being and creating. All the best for all of you. Love this! I was just going through the same process with a penny on my path last week!! I went back to scoop it up and Remembered a little diddy from childhood:. I bet this idea is about gratefulness and abundance. I used to do this more when I was in England and every other step there was a tiny river or spring or some body of water I could toss coins in.

This is almost the opposite of picking up money. And go broke. I have a piggy bank still.. I look forward to putting money in my piggy bank. Having a piggly bank is so much fun! Dimes have become a symbol of abundance and enough-ness in my life. It is amazing how the universe sends me dimes regularly, in the craziest places to remind me that I have an abundant life and am cared about and provided for.

I have found dimes on sidewalks, car seats, precariously balanced on miscellaneous objects… all sort of strange and wonderful reminders, always when I need them. Ten times the abundance? Ten times the luck? I save all my loonies and toonies here in Canada. At the end of the year I turn them into the bank and buy my ski pass. I also keep all other loose change and cash it in once a year. It is like found money. I have always kept my money neat and tidy in my wallet.

I learnt that years ago from Suzi Orman and I pick up honest money. Sounds like I am on the right track. And seeing all the Syrian refugees coming to Europe with nothing has opened my eyes. With some friends we decided to help them. And I never noticed what you can win with coupons. I used every single opportunity to get more stuff for them. A few weeks later I saw a Syrian family with 2 small children asking for money in front of the building that I work. People just pass by without noticing them or ignoring them.

I went back to work and my boss calls me for a f2f.. He announced me that I will get a special commission for all the hard work I did. Which they never do. It was a hundred times what I have given to this family. I never saw them again soon hope they find their way. Money comes and goes. Your share brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for giving to the Syrian refugees in your area and honoring their humanity. I have a fabulous resource to share! The book is called Wild Money. This is my guide to creating positive money rituals and identifying and understand the not-so-positive money thoughts, patterns or feelings around money.

I wonder if you have heard of it!? I loved this video, and pennies are sign from spirit so for sure pick them up: When I get in the pattern of stressing about money, I say to my self,. Its like feeling I got rich daddy and mommy and i aint got nothin to worry about! Love these habits. I have to admit I feel like someone else needs the penny more. I decided to pick them up for a while and see how that goes. I also write a gratitude note with love hearts on all my utility bills — thanking them for all that service provided for myself and my family.

Leave a penny. Need a penny? Take a penny. I do the same thing with the notes in my wallet, all organised in order from highest to lowest denomination and facing the same way. Insightful episode as usual! I unfortunately had to learn the hard way with money by racking up some serious credit card debt and I am still paying it off.

A few things that I have learned after making this mistake is to always carry cash. Maybe one day I will have a card, but at this point I am not looking for that. Every month I always have certain payments that are going to be the same amount which allows me to mentally set that money aside. This app also allows me to cash checks without having to go to the bank, which saves me time and gas.

By simply carrying cash, knowing my budget and using tools to get my bills paid on time, I have been able to simplify. There is certainly a lot of power in controlling your mind in a positive way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Of course not! Many years ago my husband and I attended a Harv Eker Millionaire mindset seminar. I laughed out loud…not because of the content of your video but because I do BOTH of those same things! And I also am a bit self conscious when I stop to pick up a penny but I just feel compelled to do it! How can I pass up free money, right?! Thanks for having my back, girl!

Marie, did you read my mind in the future? Wow,I just did an amazing group session last night and my money mindset issues reared their ugly heads again! My goal right now is to do money EFT sessions every morning and to come at money from an abundance viewpoint instead of a lack one. Like the idea of keeping cash in your wallet.

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Someone else recommended I always pay myself first before anyone else. I also like Tony Robbins idea of thinking of money as a game. And my affirmation is that when I have more money, I have more money to give. Great, timely video. Sometimes I save up for nice items I want as a reward. I look at it like this. Hi Marie, I always say a little prayer when I pay for big ticket items.

May it flow abundantly from me and to me. When we bloom we expose our inner beauty. I love that! Such a good practice! It helps you feel abundant when you know money is available everywhere and you come across it often. Always encouraging to hear that others especially you are doing some of the same money rituals that I do. That way, not matter how much is in my bank account, I will never be broke. This has works! I can relate to that first weird habit. For years I have picked pennies and more off the ground. Love the video so funny about picking up the penny ever since I was a little girl when I was on walks with my grandma and whenever we saw a money on the ground she would tell me only pick it up if was heads up otherwise it was bad luck and to this day I only pick up loose change if it is heads up, but I never thanked the universe which I love because we should thank the universe for sending us little presents.

I am a banker and believe a lot of people will have that habit about organizing their money, one customer always tell me that his soldiers need to be marching in one direction.


Thanks for sharing…. I love the metaphor of having all your soldiers marching in one direction. It feels so abundant. Not a wad of showy cash but something that tells the universe that money and I are are great friends:.

It makes me feel blessed, grateful and worthy of more. As an independent business person, my money flows in to my account throughout the month, in differing amounts, rather than just one paycheck. Having that visual is super helpful! I had to laugh about the picking up pennies tip. My oldest son, who is now 13, has amazing abundance flowing through him. Every time we go for a walk, he finds coins and manages to make significant money every week, just from this!! I do the same thing with my cash! It makes a huge difference for me. Funny money rituals. I always try to keep 1 big bill in my wallet in the zipper pocket.

Usually a 20 but when someone gives me a hundred dollar bill, it stays there till I absolutely need to use it or share it. I also have a money ritual in that I have 2 piggy banks that are actual cute little piggies. One for bills and one for coins. That gets saved for vacation or Christmas.

Abundance Affirmations - Attract Money & Wealth - Hypnosis DIY

I do this thru out the year. I love these two rituals Marie! After going through a year of struggle as a new entrepreneur, I have developed a deep respect and appreciation for money which used to come to me very easily when I had a cushy job in the corporate world. I now truly appreciate the value of money and have my own little rituals. When I get money out at the bank machine, I thank the Universe for providing this to me and when I pay my bills I thank the Universe for giving me the means to be able to do this this one I learned from your dear friend Gabby!

I have quite a lot of money rituals. Thanking the Universe every time I make a payment either on line or with cash or debit. My favourite is expressing gratitude for just everything. One night I was so filled with gratitude that I thanked everything in my bedroom including the floor, my clothes, my furniture, the handle on the closet!

Sounds a bit weird but I was truly overcome with gratitude so I just HAD to thank thank thank everything. Great topic, thank you Marie, and all who have shared their rituals. I love this! It humbled me and made me realize I need that same reverence for money coming in! That makes us happy. I learned a trick from a very wise, eccentric women I had the pleasure of meeting some years back. She told me to physically treat money this way and my worries, if I had any — which I did — would be less.

First, show respect for money by making sure its organized in my wallet. Like bills with like bills all facing in the same direction. Lowest amount to highest amount or vice versa — stewards choice. No crunched up dollars. Wether it be paying for something at the grocery store or placing it in a donation basket. That was it! She did not say why or offer any other nuggets as we continued to eat our lunch together. So I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea the impact it would have on me for years to come.

As I kept my money in order with spirit side facing up, this feeling of reverence grew stronger and stronger. Something in my mind and heart had shifted and more opportunities started to come my way. Through this funny little practice I began to realize money is not this illusive thing; that my intention — my motives behind its uses are most important, and is what brings its impact to life. I was in two minds to pick it up or leave it there. I picked it and took it to the local police station. I was surprised a few months later to receive a cheque in the post for the exact amount because no one claimed it.

Honest money indeed! What a great story! Love this video! Totally feel if I disrespect money, it will disrespect me and leave! I even have dreams where I see tons of change on the ground everywhere, and people walk right by and ignore it. In short I created a belief in my mind that one side of the money was more worth that the other. Bare with me here…. Then I started putting my money in my wallet so that the more value side faces me when I open it. In this way I would say to myself I have more value for this money than anyone else.

Strangely enough I received unexpected discounts, lower bills and I even found out that I had about 30 bucks more in my wallet than I had thought. This happened throughout the course of a week. I used to live in Macao and one of my favorite things was to explore the different temples with friends. At one temple, after having my fortune read, they gave me a special tiny red envelop this sucker was really tiny! I had to fold my bill five times and told me to put in some money. Keeping this money in my wallet forever would alway bring me more. I still have it.

So far, SOO good. Hi Marie, love this episode. My budget has been super tight and I am also trying to develop my music career. I wanted to start a money ritual that would train my brain to connect money, savings, aspirations, joy, music and travel as I very much want to take my music to countries and work with musicians outside my UK home. So every morning, I put a golden one pound coin into a beautiful black coffee pot with a golden phoenix on that belonged to my mum. Since I started doing it, I have been promoted at work and increased my salary and have two new wonderful bosses.

Some of my music has been chosen for a dance film. Saving money and making honest money has become much easier. And I have begun to work with musicians in Cadiz and Paris. All this without really trying. It sounds like showing respect and gratitude for money has poured over into other areas of your life as well. Congrats on all these fantastic opportunities! I lways thought my mum taught me that rhyme, but recently I picked up a 10 cent peice right in front of her and said that little ditty and she thought I was super quirky and swears shes never heard that saying before.

I also have to have my money neatly organised, in order largest to smallest, all facing the same way and with no folds and creases. I like to think that I want to face my money with the birds nz money facing me but for some reason its always the faces. Not sure what thats about. Thanks Marie. I just remembered another habit, I carry around 2 fake bills in my wallet, so that whenever I look in my wallet there is always a couple of hundred in there.

They are getting a bit tatty now tho. This so timely today! I, too, from my bartending days keep my bills all facing the same way. Part of being organized. Our overseas move has cost us a lot of money, but gained us a lot of new experiences and new friendships, a perspective that we have to remind ourselves of each month as we move forward! Thanks Marie, Team Forleo, and all the comments, too! Colored notes would make organization easier. At the end of the day, I made sure though I wrote in my gratitude journal that I was grateful for that shiny penny, which now is in my ladybug piggy bank in the wealth corner of my apartment.

Hello Marie… this episode is timely indeed. One of my rituals are when I find myself in finical despair I repeat the mantra;. Being broke is a temporary inconvenience; Being poor is a state of mind. I put money under my bedroom floors when I had them done. Love the books that were mentioned will look into them. Thanks Marie for your relentless commitment to moving people like myself forward. Hi there everyone, So many comments.. Thank you Marie for always being so open and revealing your wacky qualities!

And remember fondly 2 moments with money-encounters. My money ritual: when I find a coin on the street, I will pick it up. Money-encounter 1: at the beach with my brother when we were kids. He spotted a dollar floating in the water. Money Lesson: keep your eyes open! Money-encounter 2: having a sandwich with a friend from uni. A guy walked over and asked if we had any loose change for him.

My friend explained to the guy that he had a rule. Whatever he had in his pockets at the moment, he would give. The guy had a huge, slightly uncertain smile asking if my friend was sure about this. I also have a few rituals regarding money that have changed my sense of lack years ago. I was just getting into my car two days ago in a parking lot, where I saw a penny right in front of my car door. So I did, as I always do..

I am so grateful to the Universe for sending me this new client that I am able to be creative and get paid for it. Thank you Universe! Thanks Marie for sharing your video clip, that makes me laugh, as always! Next time I see a penny lying there on the ground ready to be picked up, I will think of Abe talking back to me! I have to say Marie, I do both already! SO, thank you to all of you commenters before me that mentioned that. My income is not steady yet being an entrepreneur, and having only been serious about pushing my new business forward for the last couple months- but, I am SO grateful for what I do have, and any little bit I do get.

I always pick up change when I see it on the street. My daughter and I have been through a rough year, and on two occassions I found two two pennies on the street when we were out together. Two pennies twice! Great, freaking episode!!! Got great gems out of this one!! I do pick up all the money on the street as well. I love this Marie! I always pickup found money and sometimes the people with me laugh but hey money is money and I invite it in! And yesss… money organized in the wallet!

Attract Money Subconsciously: Diy: Easy Read Comfort Edition - Peta Stapleton - Google книги

I have a post it note in my checkbook. I need to work on balancing my checkbook next so any feedback and ideas are super welcome. Thank you! I do BOTH of these things! My wallet is neat and tidy — always with the bills flat and facing the same way. The second part is that I feel it helps keep me a bit more frugal. Look at all the money I have to blow!

Jennifer, I organize my money the same way you do. I also like paying in exact change and get a little thrill when my cost ends in a 9 and I have the four pennies. Hi Marie, This is sooo magnificent. I like to smell my money.

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I am kinda embarrassed to say it. They were musicians and worked late. So going to bed and getting up without them was normal. Anyway, I could tell by smelling the bills which parent gave us our lunch money, either my Dad or my Mom. I think every bill takes on a smell. I have to say I have never smelt a stinky one. I like to see every bill as something special.

Love you for giving your tips s freely! Keep Singing Fawnie. My mother was working at a second hand shop this summer and picked up a jacket that she thought would be perfect for me. I grew up in a family that until now, they live constrained by money and we always had some sort of fear about it. The idea being that by doing this, we would attract money for the rest of the year. Funny thing, that never happened and both my parents, and now myself, always live constrained by money and I never have enough of it. I got pretty crafty. Now that things are better, I try to remember to appreciate all the money that flows into my life.

I keep a little bowl with notes about unexpected income, raises, savings, gifts, etc. Every once in a while, I go through the bowl. I slept on it and this morning woke up with the idea of selling seedlings and plants from my front yard. Really simple, a very small first action, but a way for me to practise selling. The money habit I picked up because I got tired of paying overdraft fees and feeling like I was paying for my lack of discipline is spending my money on paper at the beginning of the month.

Doing that relieved a lot of the stress I had just swiping my card away and having no idea where my money was going. Spending my money on paper made it very clear to me where I needed to cut and what else I could afford to pay cash for. Telling my money where to go as opposed to being surprised set me free.

I do the same Marie! However, for the 1st one the reason is different for me. This man was a millionaire Thank you for putting this out. I love you! I do both of those funny money rituals. That builds up to quite a sum over time. This money I use for something special as a reward, eg.

Hi Marie, I love the idea of being grateful for any money, even small change, that comes your way. I will never overlook spare change again. In fact, I always have lots of it at the bottom of my handbag, just going to waste. Every little helps right? This is my way of showing gratitude for everything I have received, and of attracting more into my life.

I organize any cash I have in my wallet also, Marie. Would you believe my ex used to throw pennies out the window while he was driving and he would throw them in the trash if he was at home or out walking around somewhere???? Even after I pointed at that ten pennies equal a dime and ten dimes equal a dollar and so on. Marie, I have the same two money habits as you. More recently, I have been practicing honoring my money by saying a small blessing every time I clear the change out of my wallet and transfer it to my little coin bank.

Thank you so much for the new perspective on picking up pennies!! It made me realize I have this ridiculous belief that picking up a penny is bad luck for me. As for keeping the cash tight, I already do that, but had to up my game when cash was being skimmed out of my wallet. Now I wrap my bills in a long, lined post-it, and write all transactions and balances there. I do both of these things Marie. Especially putting money in my wallet all facing the same way. Now I get a bit annoyed when my husband or children put the notes back in the wrong way. I remember as a kid a saying ,that if you put the notes facing all the same way your money will always come back to you!

This is my first time watching a video. I already do both things mentioned here. Not sure what to gain from these, but will say Maria, you are obviously a wealthy woman. For example:. Whenever a negative thought like this arises, immediately flip it around and focus on the opposite. Another of the best ways to attract money is to ensure you spend the wealth you have on things that really matter.

When you live in a way that aligns with your values, you get much money pleasure from spending and develop a much more positive relationship with money. So, be honest with yourself. Look at all your finances, including debts. Friends, family, and financial advisers can all help you draw up a plan to improve the situation. When you do this, you align your own vibration with wealth and abundance. As you do this, imagine yourself as having all the wealth you need. Let your brain believe you are fully abundant, right now.

This is a quick and easy exercise. However, done often, it can reset old negative beliefs about money , ones that are holding you back. Many people accidentally self-sabotage. So, you might on some level be afraid of what will happen if you attract money! Regardless, a guided meditation to attract money can be done by everyone. Plus, meditation has dozens of other scientifically proven benefits, ranging from stress management to increased empathy, lower blood pressure, and better mental health. Aimed at harnessing the Law of Attraction, money affirmations can quickly help to focus your heart and mind on your goal.

They are simple phrases that contain powerful messages of happiness and success. Try the following affirmations for wealth and abundance. Saying them into a mirror before you start your day can be especially effective. Are you still wondering how soon you will be living your dreams? Includes your free dream life reading AND your free dream life calculation!

Takes Just 30 Seconds Click The Button To Begin. Attract Money Step 1. Focus On Abundance Often top of the list of Law of Attraction money tips, this exercise is predicated on the core Law of Attraction premise that you attract more of what you focus on. Close your eyes for minutes, spending all the time inhabiting your deepest feelings of gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Attract Money Step 2. Attract Money Step 3. Spend In Alignment With Your Values Another of the best ways to attract money is to ensure you spend the wealth you have on things that really matter. Write 5 words that describe each. Ask yourself: what common themes emerge? These are your key values. Attract Money Step 4.