One Makes the Difference: Inspiring Actions that Change our World

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Deep down, though, we all wish we could make the world a better place and make a real difference. At the core of our hearts, humans want to do something to improve our society. Many think that one person cannot do it on their own. However, it all starts with you. It starts with one person saying that they want to make a difference and putting in that effort. By being a positive influence on the world, you will encourage others to do the same. If everyone sits at home hoping someone else will make a positive difference in our world, then nothing would ever change.

Step up and use these tips to make a difference. If you want to make a positive difference in the world, you need to identify which causes are the most important to you. Write a list of the issues you feel passionate about. Journal about why these are important to you and the personal connection to you feel to them. When you feel discouraged, you can always refer back to the journal and remember why you decided to take on these issues.

It can help you feel rejuvenated to continue to help where you can. It will only become frustrating and leave you feeling helpless. Focus on one area you care about most and put your effort into it. Besides passion, you also have to have a positive attitude. Instead, encourage the people around you to stay focused on the long-term goal and be a person they can turn to for hope.

Keep pushing on! You have to overcome those barriers to progress.

Inspiring Stories

Anne's diary has been translated into more than 60 languages since its original publication in Scott was less than a year old when she was diagnosed with cancer and spent her first few years of life fighting against the odds. After receiving a stem cell transplant around her fourth birthday, she vowed to start a lemonade stand to raise money for other children going through the same thing. Ulmer is another example of how a little lemonade can change the world.

Christopher Whitaker

After learning about how much bees do for the environment and how they're dying out, four-year-old Ulmer decided to take action by joining a local children's business competition. Her product was a family lemonade recipe sweetened with locally-made honey with a portion of the sales going to organizations fighting to save the honeybee population. She sells her lemonade at public events and has a partnership with Whole Foods. In doing so, she found a way to reduce waste single-use batteries getting dumped in landfills and provide light to people who can't afford electricity in their homes.

She also invented the eDrink, which cools your hot beverage by turning the excess heat into electricity that can charge your devices.

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Her inventions have gotten her worldwide recognition including an appearance on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and several brand partnerships. That single crop fed people at her local soup kitchen. Now, there are more than gardens in over 30 states being operated by young people like Katie. Lin's plan to save the world took shape when she was in fifth grade after learning that cooking oil could be turned into biofuel. She started small by convincing local restaurants in her community to donate their cooking oil waste to be recycled.

How One Person Can Make a Positive Difference in Our World

Her work has earned her several environmental awards. It was then that Easton's mission became clear — to build a more affordable alternative. Self-proclaimed Super Business Girl, Newson, who has a successful candle business, encourages kids in her Detroit community to become entrepreneurial, too. She has several young employees and hopes to bring in mentees she she can help them hone their business skills.

Her accomplishments have caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert, who offered her some of his own business advice. At 16, during a fishing trip in Greece, Slat discovered massive amounts of plastic in the water. Two years later, the dutch inventor launched his non-profit, Ocean Cleanup , to research using circulating currents to address the pollution issue. Rao believes that her invention is more accurate than current test options and would also be the more affordable option. The invention earned her the title of "America's Top Young Scientist.

Hreljac has been working to make clean water accessible to people in poor areas since he was six and first learned about the issue. He began by doing chores to earn money to send to organizations building wells in poor countries before starting Ryan's Well Foundation when he was The charity has brought drinkable water to over , people in 16 countries.

Ryan's Well Foundation also partners with schools to educate children about the situation. Gupta was inspired to collect eyeglasses for children in need at 14 years old after breaking his own corrective lenses and having to wait a week for a replacement pair. He read a statistic that 12 million children around the world are living without the glasses they need to see clearly, which prompted him to launch his Sight Learning organization.

The group collects used glasses and delivers them to children who need them.

Henry turned her love of sewing into a worthwhile cause. At 12 years old, she was focused on raising money to fund the education for an underprivileged girl and concocted a plan to use headbands to do it. She started making and selling reversible headbands, donating every cent to her cause. The project blossomed into her Reverse The Course charity which has sold over 11, hair accessories to help more than young girls in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay and Haiti.

Penn is a young entrepreneur who is creating jobs and saving the environment. She was only eight years old when she launched her eco-friendly fashion house, Maya's Ideas.

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Her dedication prompted her to start her non-profit called Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet. She has also given several TEDTalks that have gone viral. Braille was only 12 when he learned of a communication system used by the French army, which laid the groundwork for his own system of reading and writing used by the blind. I am trying to do that still now. Her parents were the guinea pigs. She discovered she had remarkable powers of persuasion, and her mother gave up flying, which had a severe impact on her career.

Her father became a vegetarian. As well as feeling relieved by the transformation of their formerly quiet and morose daughter, they say they were persuaded by her reasoning. There was no hint of this in her childhood. If this can happen, anything can happen. The climate strike was inspired by students from the Parkland school in Florida, who walked out of classes in protest against the US gun laws that enabled the massacre on their campus.

Last summer, after a record heatwave in northern Europe and forest fires that ravaged swathes of Swedish land up to the Arctic, Thunberg decided to go it alone. Day one was 20 August And then on the second day, people started joining me. After that, there were people there all the time. She kept her promise to strike every day until the Swedish national elections. Her parents were reluctant.

Julia Lorraine "Butterfly" Hill (1974–)

Knowing Thunberg had been so reticent that she had previously been diagnosed with selective mutism, they tried to talk her out of it. But the teenager was determined. People with selective mutism have a tendency to worry more than others. Thunberg has since weaponised this in meetings with political leaders, and with billionaire entrepreneurs in Davos.

I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. Such tongue-lashings have gone down well. Many politicians laud her candidness. In return, she listens to their claims that stronger climate policies are unrealistic unless the public make the issue more of a priority.

Julia Butterfly Hill "There Are No Accidents"

She is unconvinced. Such blunt talk has found a broad audience among people jaded by empty promises and eager to find a climate leader willing to ramp up ambition. A slew of recent reports has warned oceans are heating and the poles melting faster than expected.

To have any chance of avoiding that outcome, it said, emissions must fall rapidly by That will require far more pressure on politicians — and nobody has proved more effective at that over the past eight months than Thunberg. The girl who once slipped into despair is now a beacon of hope. One after another, veteran campaigners and grizzled scientists have described her as the best news for the climate movement in decades.

We need to do it anyway.

She is someone who strips away social distractions and focuses with black-and-white clarity on the issues. If I had been just like everyone else and been social, then I would have just tried to start an organisation. While she has little time for chit-chat, she gets satisfaction from speaking to a big audience about climate change. Regardless of the size of the crowd, she says she does not feel the least bit nervous.