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The Gestalts move on to their next target while Myfanwy tries to find her office. Thankfully, the next turn takes her into the section of the building where her office lies. The bank and bridge closures are being handled. Ingrid heard that Myfanwy lost her phone again, so she bricked the old one wiped it and rendered it inoperable and got her a new one. Myfanwy sits down at her desk and looks through the drawers, which are even more organized than her home. She finds her next letter. Despite the loyalty I feel for this agency, the good work that it does in this sinister world, and the deep history I have with those who work here, the person who hurt you, betrayed you, is right here.

That last letter was left in an odd place for a note that accuses her coworkers of attacking her. She left it just sitting in the open in her desk drawer, though she did make the wording somewhat cryptic. My guess would be that she found out that it was a coworker shortly before she was attacked. Thanks to Robert, we know that Myfanwy was drunk and tired when she was attacked and that the Gestalt knew it and were responsible for her state.

He either purposely helped her by giving her clues about the night before or he pulled her aside in the hall to judge her condition and present himself as a distraction from the truth. Because of Robert, it really, really matters whether each Gestalt can act independently or not. And questions of whether the Gestalt are in on the plan somehow, starting with mentally incapacitating Myfanwy before the attack. Besides the awfulness of rape, he looked at her like he cared about her.

It would be nice if that were real. This chess team is missing both knights and a second bishop. Why is it always red and blue when a choice needs to be made? Why not purple and green? Yellow and black? Are we still stuck in The Matrix? Yes, I get that she was choosing between two lives. So what? The red and blue choices are getting ridiculous and are so derivative they take me right out of a story.

There must be a dozen other bold color pairings to choose from. Any of them could be infused with fresh meaning. We see a safe room that appears to be part of the design of a typical apartment, suggesting Big Brother is everywhere, but those with the means can pay to thwart him. Everyone in Checquy seems to have secrets that they whisper about in the halls.

The Checquy is quite a toxic little kingdom. Linda was cutting with everyone and manipulative with Myfanwy. Has he had autopsy reports altered? The Gestalt are the most intriguing characters to me. They seem to be somewhere between a Sense8 cluster and telepathically linked clones. Everything about them is fascinating.

Can they function as separate people? They seem to have separate personalities. They each have their own look. Are they allowed to have lives of their own at all, or is it just one big incest fest? Even Teddy and Alex, the identical twins, each have their own distinctive style and personality. But that could be just as much a function of having each body specialize in order to maximize potential, similar to the way our bodies have cells differentiated into organs, bones, etc.

Once Myfanwy relaxed, it was getting very steamy in that hallway. Jon Fletcher, who plays both Teddy and Alex Gestalt, also played Oliver Hill on the dearly departed Reverie , another underappreciated, female led show. It was just finding its footing when it was cancelled. He was great on Reverie. Stephenie Meyer, author of the science fiction novel The Host and the Twilight series of novels, was originally involved with bringing The Rook to television.

This show is what was created without her input. Unfortunately, what I saw tonight was a boring grayscape with lackluster characterization. I suspect Stephenie Meyer left when the rest of the producers took a look at the successes of Killing Eve and Bodyguard, and decided they wanted to copy those shows. Fringe is the only one of the three I listed which successfully sped up its timeline and told a coherent multiseason story.

By trying to jump on a trendy TV bandwagon , the creators of The Rook may leave fans of the book behind and end up pleasing no one. Retired unschooling mom and former teacher living in Albuquerque, NM. Feminist, gardener, vegetarian, theatre enthusiast, traveler and chronically ill companion to an excessive number of pets, plus my long-suffering husband and daughter. Also mother to wandering son and son-in-law. View all posts by Metacrone. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Like Like. The razor kit Myfanwy had was indeed for cutting, hence the scars on the inside of her thigh. Perhaps from anxiety or previous PTSD? Just a couple of things I interpreted a bit differently. When Monica was arriving at the train station, she was signalling the CCTV hello, to advise the Checquy that she had arrived, not turning off the cameras.

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And Gestalt is one person, one individual, occupying four bodies. Gestalt just uses the bodies independently for different purposes. So much chemistry! Skip to content The Rook is a new series from the premium cable network Starz, home of Outlander and the recently cancelled Counterpart. While Mifanwy seems timid, she can handle adventure and tough situations. Were the gloves supposed to protect them from her powers? Someone miscalculated there. Like this: Like Loading Published by Metacrone. Hoping to keep going. My cable has been messed up for a couple of weeks. Post to Cancel.

Looking at them now, they appeared to have almost no color at all, apart from a vague tint. Monochrome stared back at me, exuding impatience. Then, without warning, he moved. Before I could jerk back, or get out a single word, he caught hold of my upper arm. His fingers felt like flesh-wrapped steel, not bone; they closed around my bicep like a vice. I was still staring at his face, when something slammed into my chest, a flood of warmth. It confused me, calmed me, wiped out my ability to think. It was thorough, too, whatever it was.

I relaxed totally under his fingers. When my vision cleared, he was watching me, his eyes sharp, filled with scrutiny, as if he was trying to read something in the details of my face. Thinking about his question, I nodded. The motion felt odd, almost mechanical. I saw his shoulders relax, but something about the way he moved, even the nod he gave me in return, struck me as strange.

Not in an alarming way; rather, it fascinated me. Finally, after a high-pitched kiYAA! Or more orange juice? Perhaps I could have Ingrid fetch you a couple of moist towelettes. Her personality change. She has amnesia, and as mentioned, Myfanwy has trouble trying to get back into things and appearing normal. She's clumsy, but sometimes, she is far, far too competent and take-charge very early on when she largely hasn't a fucking clue of what's going on. Like during her first meeting, when things get out of hand, Myfanwy decides to take charge.

There was dead silence, and everyone stared at her, stunned. Crisp, if you will turn your eyes back toward the interrogation, I wonder if you could revive the subject and question him. I can understand a personality change, but I can't accept that Myfanwy can be so utterly silly and incompetent-sounding on one page, while being competely take-charge in the next.

The Writing : It was an old room in an old building and was decorated in a very specific style that showed the decorators were lacking both imagination and a second X chromosome. It's hilarious, but it's not like ha-ha hilarious. The author is American, but he does a damn fine job of replicating dry, deprecating British wit. View all 59 comments. There are too many next books I need to get read!

I freaking loved this book! Well, I almost peed my pants at times but I digress. Myfanwy Thomas, known as Rook Thomas, wakes up not knowing who she is. There are dead bodies all around. There is a note in her pocket and lots of instructions and letters through-out the book. Rook Thomas has powers along with all kinds of creatures do that her form of government work to oversee so to speak. Wasn't it great fun.

I will let you all meet it for yourself. God, I freaking loved Myfanwy and Shantay together. Shantay came over from America when Myfanwy's group found out some stuff from this person they had captured. The group was going to torture him and some stuff went down and freaked everyone out. But oh, the girls had the best time. I almost cracked a rib laughing when they went into this place together to see what kind of freaky thing was causing chaos. I wish I could excerpt the whole thing!

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Poppat gripped her arm desperately. I can't let you go in there alone. They turned to see Shantay zipping herself into a Pawn combat uniform. She'd coiled her hair up at the back of her neck and suddenly looked much more dangerous. I'm going in with her. View all 55 comments. Apr 24, carol. Shelves: thriller , urban-fantasy , to-buy-hardcover , favorites , female-lead , fast-and-fun , my-library-kindle.

First great read of the year. And while I tempered down my five stars to a more reasonable four, the fact is this was a perfect read the first time through. I'll save the detailed summary; this is one Finally! I'll save the detailed summary; this is one time when the blurb gets it right. It starts rather hard-core action movie: woman coming to consciousness in a midst of a circle of bodies, no memory of self or events, dripping from the rain and blood.

She discovers an envelope in her pocket from the Myfanwy-That-Was. Soon it evolves into a James Bond-style government agency spy thriller crunched with identity disorientation of The Bourne Identity. I'm finding it disturbing that I'm describing a book by referencing movies. Is that acceptable in a book review? Narrative shifts between letters from Myfanwy-That-Was to the current scramble of Myfanwy-That-Is to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her. While that had the potential to become a tiresome device, O'Malley uses it well, giving context to Newbie just before she needs to use it, cuing the reader at the same time.

Sometimes Senior relates an incident, sometimes she lays out structure and organization, or gives a dossier on other characters. For the most part it was able to maintain pace and tension through the shifts. At times, O'Malley is tongue-in-cheek: right as Myfanwy thinks, "I suppose I should do some more homework on how this organization actually works," the next section is from one of the letters, under the title of "How This Organization Actually Works. As the story develops, Myfanwy starts to take on her own personality, more abrupt and direct than the prior, who she now thinks of as "Thomas," their last name.

I thought the transition between the two was handled well, and as the story developed, I cared just as much about what happened to Thomas and wanted to know her story, even though I knew where it would end here's where my habit of peeking at the end of books comes in handy; it's kind of like the book is a spoiler for it's own self because we know Thomas is 'dead,' or at least, gone. I enjoyed Myfanwy's character breaks, and it set the stage for gentle humor as she responded almost--but not quite--in character: "An emergency has emerged, and both you and Rook Gestalt have been summoned to an interrogation," the secretary replied in an unruffled manner.

Then there is: "It's time for your dinner with Lady Farrier. Tightly wound around an action core at the start, O'Malley sneaks in humor one subtle comment at a time, gradually becoming more absurd. One mind, four bodies. I found myself trying to wrap my head around that one somewhat distracted by comparing it with Zaphod and his two heads and just got rather smacked with the possibilities. By the end, the absurd veered out of control at a couple of points, but for the most part O'Malley was able to maintain the balance between chuckles and tension.

Before too long, the American version of the Court comes to call, and the subtlety gloves come off when the American Bishop Shantay and Myfanwy take on some fungus--after lunch, of course. Highly recommended to anyone who likes a dose of humor with their surreal action-spy-mystery thriller. Four out of five stars. Or are they? Update from Dec. It's seriously funny almost all the way through, in that very British way. Update from September idk 'almost all the way through. Sep 10, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: secret-histories.

Miffanwy is in charge of domestic operations and her title is The Rook! Good as in the films of Howard Hawks. View all 40 comments.

Review: Starz' 'The Rook' Is a Fantasy Spy Thriller That Is Neither Fantastical Nor Thrilling

Loved it! Review posted at www. Surrounding her is a ring of motionless bodies. They are all wearing latex gloves. All you need to know immediately is that someone I should be able to trust has decided that I need to be removed. The second letter presents her with a choice: go into hiding for the rest of her life, using the fortune in a bank account specified in the letter, or jump back into her prior life and try to find out why she was betrayed.

New Myfanwy fully intends to grab the money and take off, but another attempted assassination convinces her that the only feasible option is to stay and fight. Myfanwy needs to figure out who in the Checquy betrayed her and why, while trying to hide from everyone the fact that she no longer remembers anyone or anything. Only those people who have some kind of supernatural power can be in the top ranks of the Checquy. All others are Pawns — which leads to some understandable resentments and tensions in the ranks.

Also, it quickly becomes apparent that former Myfanwy, for certain reasons in her past, was an extremely sensitive and timid person and, despite her stellar organizational skills, was not much respected within the Checquy. New Myfanwy, not burdened by those painful memories, soon starts to spread her wings and exercise her clout within the organization. We have, for example, Gestalt, who is a single mind that inhabits four very good-looking and frequently homicidal bodies. Others can exude poisonous clouds of ink, sprout quills, or develop an impenetrable steel coating.

The Rook is written in a breezy, easy-to-read style, with a lot of wry humor in the writing and dialogue. There are several laugh-out-loud moments: It was a dress designed to draw attention. The Rook may not be Great Literature, but it was just so much fun! Content advisory: scattered F-bombs; a fair amount of violence and gore.

View all 18 comments. Feb 24, Amy Warrick rated it did not like it. I tried to like this book, I really did. I have disliked so many books lately that I am afraid of becoming a book curmudgeon. This book reads like the beloved project of the geeky high school junior who has been told by too many English teachers that he has talent and should be a WRITER.

What little action takes place, does so between enormous wads of italic description. You know how you've read books in which a character finds lette I tried to like this book, I really did. You know how you've read books in which a character finds letters left behind, that help her figure out what's going on?

Imagine a suitcase full of letters. Imagine a fictional world that is so weak and spindly it needs pages of explanation to keep it going. Imagine an amnesiac taking the helm of a major international organization and nobody being the wiser. Imagine high school humor masquerading as clever.

Imagine an interesting premise bludgeoned to death by its own ego. Imagine yourself reading a different book. I did, and put this one down before the halfway point. Gosh, this is a bit negative, isn't it. View all 19 comments. May 23, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-paranormal , fantasy. I mean, I loved this book. Myfanwy Thomas wakes up with a note that says, "This body used to be mine". Except this is a bit more than that. The secret Chequey I love all the chess terms battle supernatural forces in the world, and this new amnesiac is now fully immersed in it.

I definitely felt like this could be a TV show, the richness of the world is so good! The tone is a bit hard to grasp, b I mean, I loved this book. The tone is a bit hard to grasp, but it's classic British "serious but also cheeky", so once you get on the tricycle you're golden. It's just FUN, like Dr. The pacing of this book was the only part I can quibble with, a bit erratic at times, but the world building was rich and the characters super fun, I loved it and would like to see more in the world!

View all 8 comments. Mar 25, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: uf-pnr , stars , buddy-read. But luckily there is a note and with this note and a few others you learn about a world you had no idea even existed. Dear You, The odds of your reading this are slim to none.

Rook Trilogy | The Edge Chronicles wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Who would choose uncertainty and vaguely worded warnings over a new life of wealth and luxury? Or blinded. Or lost the ability to speak. Or befouled themselves. Well the good news is that at least you woke up awesome with some kind of superpower. Nah, not really. What it is IS a wonderful set up to a completely interesting idea. Myfanwy the W is silent Thomas is going to pretend to be a member of a super-secret government agency that deals with supernatural and paranormal situations and disturbances. She is going to try and figure out who tried to have her killed and why, just as soon as she figures out how to be Myfanwy Thomas.

I enjoyed a very large section of the story because I found it fascinating on quite a few levels. See there is a lot of infodumping. So while I liked this aspect of the story because of the extra details and such I think others got bored with it since some of it had nothing to do with the story.

I was completely entertained and so I will allow it. For me this is a great blend of humor and Urban Fantasy. Myfanwy is easy to like and I enjoyed even the times she is fumbling through her life. Seeing this world around her as she discovers everything that you never knew existed was a fantastic tale and I really wanted to get to the bottom of who on the inside is trying to bring it all down.

View all 22 comments. And because I've wasted enough time on this book as it is! So let's do this! Minus the total wackiness. But it was, so I didn't. But he did, and it wasn't, so I didn't. But he did, so I didn't. Forget about this book, read Tom Holt. Everyone else except from Eilonwy , the most sensible person I know loved it. You know what this means, right? Yep, that's right, it means that everyone but me and Eilonwy, obviously has despicable book taste.

May 15, Ginger rated it really liked it Shelves: library-book , It starts off with a bang with the first line in the book. A fantastic way to start in my opinion. She writes letters to herself before her memory is gone. The Rook has an interesting and original plot. The traitors in the organization were thought out and it was a complex plot. Cool characters that have supernatural abilities think X-Men The writing was well done with plenty of snark and wit thrown in the mix.

The main characters were interesting and developed. The parts that I had an issue with not many : The pacing of the book. Felt a bit too long to me with more filler than is needed. The ended was wrapped up to nicely for me with The Grafters. View all 16 comments. Mary has found an Urban Fantasy book that she actually enjoyed! Seriously though, this is a great book. And a debut, nonetheless! Myfanwy rhymes with Tiffany Thomas wakes up in the middle of the street, surrounded by dead bodies, all of which are wearing latex gloves. But the person looking out from behind Myfanwy's eyes has no memory of being Myfanwy Thomas.

The Rook is a paranormal tale that somehow pulls off a sophisticated narrative while remaining relentlessly hilarious. Now, I have a tendency to turn my nose up at the prospect of paranormal fantasy. However, I don't like to write off any genre specifically because I know there are hidden gems everywhere. Well, this is one of those hidden gems for me. This story gives you a quick-witted heroine with a fiery determination in the form of Myfanwy Thomas. My only real complaint about this book is that I found the chapters comprised of letters were a bit detrimental to my engagement with the present plot line.

The letter format itself was brilliant, but I think the organization of the chapters are where things came a bit unglued for me. Sometimes the story would cut away in the middle of the action to tell the history of a particular character, only to drop you back into the thick of the conflict. It consistently took me a moment to readjust every time the switch occurred. I was like: "Oh, okay now we're back to fighting insert paranormal creature What was happening again?

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Oh yea now I remember! This review and other reviews of mine can be found on Book Nest! View all 20 comments. Jan 13, Cy rated it did not like it. Honest to god, I'm both confused that I'm still reading this book and appalled at how highly rated it seems to be everywhere. The praise this book has been getting got me interested in reading it, and within a few chapters I had to wonder if there was some massive conspiracy To put it quite simply, the book has an intriguing premise that's destroyed by a hackneyed writing style, a juvenile approach to character, and a narrative that is grossly overshadowed by the writer's apparently high opini Honest to god, I'm both confused that I'm still reading this book and appalled at how highly rated it seems to be everywhere.

To put it quite simply, the book has an intriguing premise that's destroyed by a hackneyed writing style, a juvenile approach to character, and a narrative that is grossly overshadowed by the writer's apparently high opinion of his own talents. The main character is not even remotely likeable. When she's not being a high school prom queen regularly calling technical people "nerds"; repeatedly criticizing the dress sense of the former occupant of her body , she's delivering "oh snap" wisecracks. She's just strong enough to take command of a situation when a story needs it, but also nicely "feminine" enough to need to be rescued. She confronts the leader of the enemy forces and her primary concern is the gross goop getting on her clothes. She appears commanding and independent, and in the next scene is naked in front of a stranger for laughs and then subjected to intrusive and demeaning physical exams for more comedy.

She's strong-willed enough to be attractive, but not so much that she's truly an independent character. Her sexuality is regularly, and offensively, used as a tool to humiliate her for laughs, and that makes her non-threatening. In short, she's not a character so much as she's a collection of tropes designed to make her the perfect female character for the male audience.

To make matters worse, none of the secondary characters are anything more than one to two word tropes. Ingrid: motherly secretary, Shantay: sassy friend, Alrich: mysterious vampire, etc. None of these characters develop from these descriptions into anything memorable.

Setting aside the issue with characters is the issue with plot: Myfanwy goes from knowing absolutely nothing to be a confident and controlled leader of a powerful government organization? How much time has passed between her waking up and her turning into this bombshell in a suit? We're told it's been several weeks and it's here that we arrive at the crux of the problem with the narrative: we're told too much.

We're told everything. We're not left to learn anything. When her sister appears, we're told, suddenly, that she is lonely and wants friends and family. There's no buildup. There's no sense of this given to the reader through dialogue and emotional description. I had no idea this was coming.

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We're told that she suddenly wants to be with friends and family, just as we're told that she becomes confident in her new role. These are just two examples of many. This goes further than just the author hamfistedly handing us important facts about the characters as though we're moving our way down a checklist. The book redefines what it means to infodump. Nearly every chapter is interrupted by what is essentially an encyclopedia entry giving us the history of the character Myfanwy just met or the term she just encountered. When it's not an infodump about a character, it's a letter written by the pre-amnesia Myfanwy telling the current Myfanwy some story that is rarely connected with the plot at hand, and it's usually written in such exacting, narrative detail that violates the nature of the epistolary format that these sections are written in.

In what world would this be even slightly logical? An unequivocally awful book. Avoid, unless you're looking for something for kindling. View all 9 comments.

Book Review - The Rook and Stiletto

Gone forever. Corpses wearing gloves. Her name is Myfanwy Alice Thomas.

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You are going to be dropped into the middle of dire circumstances. You are not going to know what is going on. There is a simple explanation for this. Your protagonist is going to be as clueless as you are. You are going to have to discover what the hell is going on together. You also have secret powers that are mostly unfathomable. You are a Rook in a secret organization, but what could that mean, and what is this clandestine group you work for? Certainly, it is helpful that the original Myfanwy left some notes. Oh, and please note that it is pronounced Sheck-Eh.

French influences, I think. Or possibly just warped by generations of employees mispronouncing it. Most people never hear of it at all, but it has been in existence for centuries. It worked closely with the House of York, tended to ignore the Tudors, and endured the House of Stuart. That would be ridiculous. So what exactly do the Checquy do? They look into anything supernatural that needs to be contained and properly hidden from the public. Normal people must be allowed to go about their lives, unmolested by malevolent beings or even allowed to know such entities really exist.

So Myfanwy must learn very quickly who she is, what she does, who she can trust, and who erased her memories. I really enjoy the discombobulation. The notes left to the new Myfanwy are helpful and gives her and us enough information to keep us in the game. We are left in a constant state of thirsting for more revelations. I find myself endlessly speculating about what I do know exactly means. I am also worrying about how much highly essential information I am missing. The suspense keeps me reading feverishly to get the answers I am seeking.

Starz has just released a TV series based on the books. I am looking forward to seeing how they portray the supernatural elements and also how they choose to dole out the information to the watcher. View all 10 comments. May 29, Lyn rated it liked it. Protagonist Myfanwy Thomas is a supernaturally powerful, but administratively gifted membe Fun. Protagonist Myfanwy Thomas is a supernaturally powerful, but administratively gifted member.

She is one of two Rooks in charge of domestic operations and she was the victim of a strange amnesiac event for which she spends the novel investigating and getting past. Along the way there is an entertaining series of misadventures, cool superhero action, and paranormal creepiness.