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Anyway, I find myself using this quite a bit — and in random situations.

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Like, to brighten up certain areas or to touch up areas during the day. I really do think this is hyped up for good reasoning. The matte formula seems to be a lot better than the other options though! Be warned!

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That probably does not mean too much because I can think of 4 others at Walmart that I really like — I feel like they have a lot of good ones! Love the packing and the way the wand can move to get tricky lashes BUT I also love the way it makes my real lashes look! I love it! Like, this is what I brought to Jackson Hole with me because this primer is so good.

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I tell anyone who will listen to try it — it is so good! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Or just tuck 'em in her socks. TV Shows. Prudes, beware! Despite its tendency to take the comedic low road, The Sweetest Thing is a near-perfect product of the new-millennial Hollywood. That's a backhanded compliment, but as a fun-loving Yankee girl's answer to Bridget Jones's Diary, the mainstream pandering of Nancy Pimental's lucrative screenplay is undeniably effective.

On the opening soundtrack, Macy Gray's "Sexual Revolution" is a perfect accompaniment to gyrating guy-dumper Christina Cameron Diaz , whose fear of commitment is tested when she meets Peter Thomas Jane and knows he's Mr. With supportive gal-pals Courtney Christina Applegate and Jane Selma Blair , she plots to snag the guy, and the movie's road-trip detour mines gut-busting gold from gags involving incriminating dress stains, oral sex, rotting food, garish clothing, and the simple joys of old-fashioned romance.

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Perfectly cast, raucously ribald, and conventionally charming, The Sweetest Thing is a schizophrenic comedy, but its dual personalities are irresistibly in synch. Director s : Roger Kumble. Gramps: You shoulda poked her in the whiskers when you had the chance.

Peter: I had them take out all the calories for you. Christina: Don't go looking for Mr. Look for Mr. Right Now. Jane: My body is a movie and your penis is the star! Christina: Ew! What is that?

Courtney: What is what? Christina: You don't smell that? Courtney: Smell what? I don't smell anything. Courtney: I don't smell anything! Christina: It smells like moldy ass is what it smells like in here! Christina: You did! Courtney: Maybe it's you. Did somethin' crawl up your poonani? Courtney: Yeah! Well neither have I, okay!

Christina: High five on the clean poonani!

The Sweetest Thing

Courtney: Bitch! Roger: Come on, don't be gay in God's house! Gimme a good slap! Courtney: How could you not know what a glory hole is? Courtney: Turn around. Courtney: Look, it's Jesus.

The Sweetest Thing

Look at Jesus! Christina: Come along Sharron. Courtney: Buy some new ones! Christina: Sorry. Christina: How long? Courtney: Was it absolutely vital for her to tell us that? Christina: Eeew!

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